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San Andreas

Post  Joey D on Thu Sep 13, 2007 7:39 am

San Andreas is split into 3 major cities.

Los Santos- Home to many gangs, as well as many highly run businesses. The east side of Los Santos is home to the Grove Street Families, wearing green. The central area of Los Santos is mostly run by constant war between the Los Vagos, wearing yellow, and The Ballas, wearing purple. Grove Street are at war with both the Ballas and the Vagos. However, the higher west side of Los Santos is home to many rich life folks with expensive cars and houses.

San Fierro- Home to a more peaceful and elegant scenery and citizens, San Fierro is still definitly not the good it represents. The Woo Tang Clan is the main organization controlling most of San Fierro itself. The police themselves are more friendly, but will get rough if needed. Known to be home to an underground Mafia, run by someone whos know all over by the police. This legendary mafia are aiming to get to the higher ranks, by doing more daring criminal acts by time.

Los Venturas- Home to the city that never sleeps. Strip Joints, Casinos, Night Clubs, Hotels and Resorts. People living in Los Venturas enjoy every moment of the city. The city is run by high crime mafias and Casino criminal fronts. Los Venturas airport is also the only on in San Andreas that travels to Liberty City. If you are having some fun at the casinos, and you just so happen to lose more money then you had, youll find yourself owing the many casinos money. They wont take too lightly to this, and will send mafia members to "retreive" the money.
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